Draconian Inner Stone


Casting Instructions for ‘Draconian Inner Stone’

You will need to do.Get a bowl same color as your dragon scales or a diffent color it really doesn’t matter. Fill the bowl with hot boil water, Or macrowwave tem- Then put your stone in the water carefully. Add your blood in your bowl. Then baken soda.Then stir for awhile. After done stiring to mix the water and your blood. Put your hands side to side of the bowl, make your hands like clawling like, and close your eyes and put all your enegy into the stone and blood, then say the spells as you cast.

Stone Spell

“Come an merge
with my blood of my dragon might,
Make an allow of every might thatI shall wear this,
Dragon might will show. WhoI am really behold the richfullness
of dragon.
Let it be on bestold to the might of dragon heve.
Let the dragon might show asI wear this stone of my pure dragon blood,
Have and allow my dragon might be free of and from hold,
Let it show and merge me so mote it be.”

What you need to do,is get a browl but haves to be your color type,
it doesnt have to be your color.
Its just a good suggestion
it’ll still work.
But will take a while to soak
bowling hot water, an pure it carefully into the bowl, take baking soda in it, stir it for a while.
Put your stone in the bowl in it,
an add your blood in it just alittle.
Put your hands side to side like your casting magic let your magicka go on it an, Make sure its moon full tonight.
An say the 1st spell while your casting an while its soaking
after your done get it out an make it into a neckalence then say the secound while your looking into it an holding it up,

Then your done.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Container for your blood
  • Stone or crystal (You need to have a strong bond with it)
  • you will need a bowl
  • Full Moon
  • Believe
  • Energy