Dedicating Tools


Casting Instructions for ‘Dedicating Tools’

Pick up in your two upturned palms the tool you wish to dedicate (your athame, at the very least, although you can even dedicate jewelry if you wish). Hold the object in front of the nocturnal portal. Angle your hands so you can see the objects reflection in your scrying tool. See how it is surrounded by a charged, glowing darkness Still looking into the portal, imagine that the nocturnal energy around the object is slowly seeping into the physical form. Feel this happening at all sides of the object; feel the energy moving around your hands (but keep your eyes on the portal). Say:

“I dedicate you, creature of metal (or whatever material), to the service of the Gods and Goddesses of night. Move through the shadows and be one with darkness. So mote it be”.Pass the object through the censer’s smoke for a silent count of three. Never use the object for mundane purposes again. Keep it wrapped in a black silk if possible or at least black cloth

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Tools
  • Black mirror
  • Incense