Crush like you back spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Crush like you back spell’

1. First you will need to meditate while focusing on the person you like and chanting the enn.

2. Place your ingredients in the middle of the room, excluding the kettle.

3. Place and light one candle in the southeastern corner of the room and the other in the northeastern corner.

4. Take the poppet and wrap the yarn around it while chanting, “(name), you now belong to me.” over and over. After you did that, place the poppet on the floor and look down on it. Then in a demanding tone, say a self encouragement speech to make your crush notice the features you want them to. For example, you could be funny or be handsome and want your crush to recognized that about you.

5. Next you will stand up and head over to your kettle. Place the bay leaf in the kettle and boil the water. After it is heated, take out the leaf and use the yarn again to tie it around the poppet. Repeat the speech again while doing so.

6. Then drink the hot water. Yes, it will hurt but if you want your crush that bad then it’ll be worth it. Afterwards, you will take the poppet and throw it in the trash or destrot it if you want their love for you to be eternal. If not, then keep it to untie the yarn when you are tired of them.

7. Thank the God/Goddess/Demon whose enn you used. Wait for your crush to notice you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Poppet
  • Yarn
  • Bay leaf
  • Two candles
  • Kettle ( filled with water)
  • A place to boil your water
  • Quiet, dark room
  • Enn of God/Goddess/Demon associated with love