Create A Familiar


Casting Instructions for ‘Create A Familiar’

First you need to get your pet in the same room as you and you guys need to be alone. You need to make sure you and your pet has a very strong relationship. You also need very high power this spell may take a very long time to master. Make sure you also believe and love your pet. So once you and your pet are alone in the room you take the close item and put it in front of your pet and make sure your pet interacts with him/her.

Stroke your pet while chanting 3x “we are here in this room together me and you. We shall have the greatest bond ever and we shall be with each other till the end. I must ask you please be my companion and let’s be together forever” after chanting that your pet will be your familiar but, you must give it a name one that no one but you two shall ever hear.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Any sort of pet
  • Anything close to your pet (toys pet brush ect.)