Control an Element


Casting Instructions for ‘Control an Element’

Choose an element from below:

  • fire- take the candle (lit)say “fire,element of warmth,let me control you”
  • water- take the water and say “water,element of moist,let me control you”
  • air- take your wand/athame and say “air,element of storms,let me control you”
  • earth- take the stones/herbs and say “earth, element of nature,let me control you”
  • ice- take the ice cube and say “ice,element of cold,let me control you”
  • darkness- at night say “darkness,element of the moon, let me control you”
  • lightning-take the battery and say “lightning,element of electricity,let me control you”
  • light- at daytime, say “light,element of purification and power, let me control you
  • beauty- take the lipstick and say “beauty,element of vanity and cosmetology,let me control you”
  • metal- take the metal nail and say “metal, element of construction,let me control you”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Candle-fire
  • Water-water
  • Wand-air
  • Stones/herbs-earth
  • Ice cube-ice
  • Battery-lightning
  • Lipstick-beauty
  • Metal nail-metal