Come To Me Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Come To Me Love’

This spell should be performed on a night of the full moon, and can be worked within or without a magick circle. Put the rose-quartz crystal in the glass of purified water and place it outside in view of the full moon for several hours. Carve your name and the name of your intended into the top half of the candle while visualizing an image of your intended. Stand and secure the candle in the bowl so it won’t topple over.

Write your names on the parchment paper with the pen, encircling it with a symbol of the heart while visualizing your hearts desire being drawn to you. Tear the parchment into small pieces and mix the pieces together visualizing any reluctance on his part being torn away and your meeting and joining together in happiness. Scatter the pieces into the bottom of the bowl all around the candle.

Retrieve the glass of water from outside and light the candle. Call the Goddess or God to aid your spell, or call other deities such as “Aphrodite” if you wish to be more specific. Build and raise your personal power while visualizing your intent, and infuse the water with your energy saying or chanting something like:

“My hearts desire I call to thee, Come to me as quick as can be.”

Pour half the water into the candle bowl dribbling it over the parchment paper while visualizing it soaking up your intent. Now drink the rest of the water visualizing your intent being accomplished then release and direct your energy to its goal. Finish your rite with cakes and wine to banish and ground any remnants of energy, then thank the Goddess, God, or other deities for their aid.

Allow the candle to burn until the water extinguishes its flame. The remaining candle can be saved and re-used, but pour the water and soaked up parchment paper outside onto bare earth allowing the elements to disperse it naturally. Magick is done.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A rose-quarts crystal
  • A clear glass filled with purified water
  • An emerald green or pink candle
  • A small bowl
  • A piece of parchment paper
  • Pink or green ink pen