Clearing up conspiracies


Casting Instructions for ‘Clearing up conspiracies’

Now heres how you can be friends with a fairy.

1. Buy a fairy door!

This is a way for them to get to you!

2. Gather all your belief, you will need it!

A fairy coming to your house needs a lot of belief, as if they do not think you believe in them, they will have no luck befriending you.

3. Write a letter to a fairy!

You will need to write a letter so that your fairy knows she/he is welcome in your home! Be friendly, kind and compassionate and perhaps ask a few questions about what it’s like in Fairyland, what their powers are, etc.

4. Patiently wait.

It can take a few nights for a fairy to find your door, my fairy friend told me mine was near a cave! Check your fairy door every morning,(fairies only come at night, so they are not seen) and if there is a piece of paper rolled up near your door, written on with fancy, curly writing, a fairy has come!

5. Write a letter back to the fairy!

Ask if they would like to be friends, in a nice way. My fairy friend actually asked me if we could be friends, that would be better for you, so you’d know it’s alright. Maybe tell them a bit about yourself and maybe your intrest in magic and fairy kind, etc.

I really hope this helped you make a new fairy friend! Remember, if you are not kind and caring to the fairy, they will not want your friendship. THIS ACTUALLY WORKED FOR ME SO I HOPE IT HELPED YOU!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • – Belief, because if you do not believe in fairies, they will not want to be friends with you.
  • – A fairy door, as this is a fairy‚Äôs only way to reach you.
  • – Patience, because it may take a few nights for a little fairy to find your door! (My friend, Miranda, said my door was near a cave!)
  • – Kindness, as if you judge people and correct them in a mean way, a fairy will not want to befriend you.