Christian Latin Love Charm


Casting Instructions for ‘Christian Latin Love Charm’

First take 3 kernels of salt and push it in the candles side hard enough that it sticks, making them spaced evenly all around the candle. In between the salt, carve
little crosses with hearts around them. Take the holy water and rub it over the little heart-crosses. Allow to dry. Then, take the pens and dip them in holy water.
Sprinkle some of the holy water on the paper, also allowing it to dry. Light the candle. Write your love’s name in pink, put a red cross under it and circle it all
in a red heart. Then say the following:

Unum verum Deum et Christum precor auxilium dare mihi velle quod cor. (Loves name),necesse erit me.(Loves name), tu, ad me VINCTUS. Deide caelo super Christianus adesto mihi quem diligit, Amen.

When you are done, por some wax over the paper and burn it, and pray that you will find love.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Red candle
  • Red and pink pens
  • Holy water
  • Holy salt
  • Toothpick/ something to carve wax
  • Piece of paper