Cherry Tree Divantion


Casting Instructions for ‘Cherry Tree Divantion’

Perform the following divination on Midsummer Eve: Run three times clockwise around a cherry tree full of ripe fruit and then shake the tree with all your might as you repeat the following charm:

Cherry tree, I shaketh thee,
Cherry tree, pray tell thou me
How many years am I to live?
By fallen fruit thy answer give.

At the precise moment that you utter the last word of the rhyme, remove your hands from the tree. Count the number of cherries that have fallen to the ground while shaking the tree, and they will reveal to you what age you will live to be.

Some diviners interpret the number of fallen cherries as an indication of how many more years one has to live.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Midsummers Eve.
  • Cherry tree