Change your gender


Casting Instructions for ‘Change your gender’

Get into a meditative state. Next make a needle (really thin and sharp) with your energy. Then imagine your tube of genes and your needle poking into it. The next part you can do two ways. Method 1: (I prefer) If you are a boy think of the needle attaching to the Y and changing to a X. If you are a girl think of one of your X’s turning to a Y. Method 2: Think that you really want to change your gender and release the needle until it evaporates. IMPORTANT: Seal up the hole you poked with the needle with energy otherwise you lose part one of your genes. Exit your state and watch the transformation happen. This is my first spell but I am absolutely sure it will work. Message me about your experience. Btw it will take time for the spell to work.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Experience in biokinesis