Call Companion Dragon


Casting Instructions for ‘Call Companion Dragon’

First, a formal call is not necessary to invite a dragon friend to join you in a worship rite, to ask their assistance with a spell, or just visit. All you really need to do is mentally call to them in genuine love and friendship and they will hear you and they will come.

Sometimes it is nice to have a formal call that can be used for special occasions and ceremonies. If you are having trouble hearing them the more you work magically with them the stronger your connections will be and the easier it will be to communicate with them.

Here is a special call you can use. Meditate for a moment on contacting your dragon, then say:

“I send my call, I send my voice to the dragon who, by choice, shares with me his/her friendship true: send respect back out to you. Come, my friend, upon swift wings so that together we may sing. Come and share some time with me in trust and love, so may it be”.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • None