Bring your Lover back to You


Casting Instructions for ‘Bring your Lover back to You’

Cast a circle
Ask each of the elements for help with the spell.
Place your hair in the pouch and say:

”Oh mighty elements, I ask for your help, my love is fading, I wish that it will be strong again!”

Place your lovers hair in the pouch say:

” As our love grows stronger, let our hate fade. Let us be together, forever, until our last day!”

Place the petals from the flower in the pouch and say:

”Oh mighty elements, hear my plead, lead my voice be heard! So mote be!”

Place pouch under your or your lovers pillow. May take some time to work.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • You will need:
  • A strand of your hair (with roots)
  • A strand of your lovers hair (with roots)
  • A pouch
  • Your favourite flower
  • Candles for a circle