Bring Happiness To Someone


Casting Instructions for ‘Bring Happiness To Someone’

Begin by focusing on what you know about the person. Think about the times where you have seen them smiling or times in which they seemed happy. Focus on those times and think of things that make the person happy.

Next, if you worship a god of any sort, say the following, “(Name of god), I ask you to bring (person’s name) happiness, to bring them joy, mote it be.”

If you do not worship a specific god, say, “By the North, West, East, and South, bring joy to (name of person). Bring them thoughts of joy and cheer, fill them up with happiness. So Mote it be.”

Afterwards, meditate if you prefer. The spell should work in one hour to one day.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Belief
  • Faith in this spell
  • Trust in the selected person.