Break Up Friendship/Relationship


Casting Instructions for ‘Break Up Friendship/Relationship’

Light the candles as you say:

“Couple I see, couple I name,
I cursed thee,
Cords of dismay,
Cords of hate,
Cords of jealousy,
This being the cords of three,
Fall under my spell,
Your relationship shall now fail,
Dismay you shall feel,
Jealousy of each other there shall be,
I times this with the cords of three,
But let hate be the curse I put upon thee,
And So may it be.”

Then bring the cord and focusing all your energy and remember your reasons of hatred for theses 2 and imagine them during the final fight and then cut the cord and burn the two halves in very far locations (as far as you want them apart).

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A cord
  • Two black candles
  • Scissors