Blood Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Blood Love Spell’

Take the drink and the pin, Carefully, Use the pin or needle to prick the tip of one of your fingers, now pour a single, or two, drops into the drink, while doing this Chant

”Je crée un véritable amour de moi, et toi”
”I create true love between me and you”(Basic/free translation)

have the Target ingest the mixture and, if your intentions and will are powerful enough to spark the spell in the right direction, they shall lov you eternally, I am sure there are ways to break the spell, in case things go wrong, but I’m not sure, but that’s the risk of using blood magick this way

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • -Needle/pin (Sharp and Clean)
  • -Plaster(Band-aid for Americans)
  • -Drink for target(Dark coloured)