bless a totem


Casting Instructions for ‘bless a totem’

So I like to use sinew and make an amulet or bracelet but you can use anything. Light some sage, you can usually get a bottle of around 14 grams at the grocery store. Then take your totem, and while passing it through the sage smoke say “sage please bless this totem so it (protects, heals, etc..) around it.” Then say, if you have native American ancestors, if not skip this one “great ancestors please bless this totem so it …. Those around it.” then say “great spirit please bless this totem so it … Around it.” Pass the totem through the sage the whole time you’re doing this and at the end hold it still over the sage and imagine the smoke swirling around it and absorbing into the totem.

Blessed be.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Item to bless
  • Sage