Black Cat Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Black Cat Spell’

Percieve yourself in a black cat’s form spread dimly about the body, place energy begind the words of the spell with the sound of your voice and feel and perceive the suggestions of the spell, until you feel yourself as a clearness becoming smaller and your energy becoming a black cat’s energy until you instaneously become a small black cat.

Letting the consciousness shift into a black cat’s consciousness while remaining in control aids in the transformation process, this requires a clear and blank mind. The spell words may be repeated as many times as necessary.

The incantation is as follows:
Split iris vein
Cat’s fang
Stretching claw
Twitching tail
Feral fell
Feline morphic
Transform skin
Burning cat brood
Blood within

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • The perceptions, visible and invisible
  • Voice