Binding a Familiar


Casting Instructions for ‘Binding a Familiar’

You should have your Familiar present throughout this ritual and spell, as the work you put into this spell will bind you and your familiar closer if they witness it.
Using the Black chalk, draw a large square, this will be the binding square for the darker parts of the ritual. Then, using the red chalk, draw a diamond-type shape inside the square, make one point of the diamond jut out of the square, enough to draw inside. Then, using the black chalk, draw a swooping line from the point of the diamond sticking out, to the two points of the square, closest to the point. Finally, using the red chalk, draw the moon cycle with the full moon being inside the diamond point, the other cycle phases being between the diamond point and the swooping black arch. (If you know any Binding runes, you may draw them in red chalk along the diamond lines inside the square.)
Now that the ritual space is drawn out, you should place the animal’s essence inside the center of the diamond. Then you should take the salt and, inside the diamond, create a circle, so that it is touch the diamond buy the edges, then a triangle inside the circle, with only the points touching the circle.
Once all of this is complete, place the candles around the square, at places where the diamond points touch it. the white candle should be on the right-most side, the black of the left-most side and the red at the bottom, with the jutting diamond point at the top. Lighting the incense begins the actual spell, so steps from here on out are crucial, and if you are unsure you wish to be permanently bound to this familiar, than you should stop now. Light the Vanilla incense on the black candle, and place it in the space between the circle and the diamond, near the white candle. Light the cinnamon incense on the red candle, placing it in the space between the circle and the diamond, closest to the red candle. Light the Sage incense with the white candle, and place it in the space between the diamond and the circle, nearest to the black candle.
With all the incense burning, you need to fill yourself with the emotions your feel when with your familiar, usually trusting, loving emotions. When you are filled with said emotions, and sure of the energy, this chant will seal the spell and bind you to your familiar.

”Once alone, Born apart,
Together, we are a single heart.
Bound by magic, light, and Sage,
Live together through our Age.
Bound by salt, flesh, and Fire,
May we share the same Desire.
Brought together by the gods,
Let us never be at odds.
Sealed together, you and I.
While one lives, the other shan’t die.
So Mote it be!”