Bath for Beauty, Love, and Lust (Aphrodite Bath)


Casting Instructions for ‘Bath for Beauty, Love, and Lust (Aphrodite Bath)’

Run hot water, not too hot to burn but hot enough for light steam to rise. While the tub is being filled light your candle and the cinnamon. When I did this I put some some ground cinnamon in a mortar, sprinkled some lavender oil (so it would burn) and it burned like incense. I’m not sure how a cinnamon stick burns (though I head the kind you buy at the grocery smells like plastic when you burn it but I’ve never tried) but you can always grind it or just burn cinnamon incense.Preferably burn candle and cinnamon inside shower but if you don’t have enough ledge around your bathtub, just burn it near the bath. Once bath is filled put in flowers. You can either put them in a sachet or just floating in the water. You you’re using lavender oil, dip the violets in the oil (or sprinkle it) before putting it into the bath. Once you’re in the bath and you’ve relaxed, meditated, connected, or whatever it is that you personally do in a bath, use the rosemary oil on your skin. Say chants if you’d like. Remember to stay mindful of whatever purpose your doing the bath for (attract love, preparing or a sexy night, increase feeling of beauty, etc).

***Explanation of Herbs/Flowers
Vervain: Aphrodisiac, love, beauty, lust.
Bleeding Heart: Love, used for love potions/spells/charms
Rose: Sacred to Aphrodite; beauty and love.
Wild Violet and Lavender: Individually both invoke love and beauty, but when used together is a powerful mix for lust and passion.
Cinnamon: Burning cinnamon invokes lust.
Rosemary: In addition to it’s healing properties it’s a herb sacred to Aphrodite.
-Remember, this is just a bath so you don’t have to follow the directions exactly to a T. You can tweak it to fit your needs.
-If you want to channel Aphrodite, do this bath on a Friday or full moon, or better yet a Friday of full moon.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Vervain (preferably flowers but can be leaves)
  • Bleeding Heart flowers (preferably pink; can be replaced with rose petals)
  • Wild Violet
  • Lavender (oil or flower)
  • Cinnamon (powdered or stick or incense)
  • Mortar (or other fire-safe, shallow bowl; not needed if you use incense)
  • Rosemary oil
  • Red Candle (optional)