Average Demonic Blessing


Casting Instructions for ‘Average Demonic Blessing’

If you are human say “The lord of death, the lord of evil. Please come and bestow appon me what is yours and is rightfully mine. I need a speck of your power please gift me what I need.” Then place the blood in the middle of the pentagram and fold it 2 times in the middle. Throw it in the woods and enjoy.

If your a demon you should say “ya haeng aem gaoy, ya haeng aem awih. k’aoza yaeza oth bestow appon za s’oq iz esaeunz oth iz rightfully zira. I raph o speck aem esaeun daelabbi k’aoza kimq za s’oq I raph.” Then do as it says above

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Drop of blood
  • Pentagram
  • Item/person