Attract a New Person


Casting Instructions for ‘Attract a New Person’

In the morning light both candles and say: “Late to bed early to rise. May we go to bed late and wake up early”. Say this 5 times then blow out candles. Next, invite a new person out to lunch, breakfast or dinner.

If the person accepts:

For breakfast light the candles before you go, then say “may we see sunrise together” 3 times. For a relationship or for just friends light the candles and say, “this new friend of mine”. For attraction light candles and say “look at me in the morning, so divine” 11 times.

For lunch light candles before you go and say, “mid-day mid-day afternoon delight. Lover lover turn to me. For us both so mote it be!” 13 times for a relationship. For friends say, “lunch will fill us with warm friendship” 3 times. For attraction say “as the middle of the day is near the person who you want will be very dear” 6 times.

For dinner and a strong relationship, take candles with you .If going to restaurant write both names on candles, then keep them with you. Later on light each one and say each other’s names aloud or silently in your mind. With the person there or not, proceed to let the candles burn. If at home, cook a dinner and place candles in table center. Do the same for friendship. Light candles alone beforehand and say “alone I was no more” 4 times. For attraction, burn the candles in secret and say, “You to me, what I want shall be”. Say each other’s names out loud. Do this 24 times. After each lighting, proceed to blow out candles.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 pink candle