Aphrodite Erotic Charm


Casting Instructions for ‘Aphrodite Erotic Charm’

Carve into the candle erotic charm and the symbol for the planet Venus. Bless the candle with rose oil, moon tonic, your spit, or menstrual blood. Pour sand on glass plate or other surface. Place candle on sand surround candle with roses and sea shells. Place crystals near by and place the pomegranates in a seperate dish. Light candle. Call to Aphrodite offer her the pomegranates and gifts and ask to receive her gift of erotic charm in return. You may sings or hum tunes or whatever comes to ur mind. Go with intuition. When you feel you are finished thank her and let the candle burn out. Do not leave room or fall asleep while candle burns.****

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 6 roses
  • 6 sea shells
  • 6 pomegranate seeds
  • Piece of turquoise and copper stone
  • Sand
  • Yellow candle
  • Glass plate