An Amazing Working Fairy Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘An Amazing Working Fairy Spell’

Directions 1.Fill container halfway with water 2.Add a spoonful of shampoo(or whatever cleansing stuff) 3.Add dead flower pedals 4.Sprinkle a pinch of fairy dust 5.Put symbol into the potion 6.Add 1 of your loose hairs to potion 7.Take your FINGER and mix until everything is well combined 8.Chime your chime for 10 seconds 9.Lay chime or floor/table. 10.Take pedal from potion and get some of the potion on the flower pedal with your loose hair on it too 11.Pour potion from pedal onto chime.Now paint/polish the potion on the chime with pedal. 12.Kiss your pointer finger and middle finger 2xs and place those fingers on chime for 10 seconds. 13.Say the spell 3xs while chiming the chime. Spell:Say 3xs “Oh listen as my sweet wish sings,please grant me my fairy wings.You should listen to my plea,for I am to fly so wild and free.” 14.Get you potion and dip your finger in it.Then rub it across your forehead.Let it dry by itself.You are allowed to take a shower AFTER it drys itself. ***Notes*** I don’t know if you get powers.But if you don’t get them,you can use a fairy power spell.If you have any questions, mail me and i’ll answer you!If you want to do this spell in a video form,here is the video : Side effects: -Vibration in back/Tingling -Happy/Energetic towards everyone and everything -Nausea while using technology -Headaches -Dizziness -Legs itchy -Lumps/bumps on back(means your wings growing) -Sore throat -Runny nose -Wanting go outside -Ringing in ear -Scent/All senses getting better -Softer skin ***Disclaimer*** When you get the happy/energetic side effect,you WILL be happy to literally EVERYTHING!Even your worst enemy!Also Fairy truths posted a video of her and her friends with lumps from their wings growing!Here it is : they also explain their side effects as well.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Water and container
  • Dead flower pedals(2 if big,6 if medium,and 2 if small)
  • Fairy dust
  • Chime
  • Shampoo(or something used to cleanse yourself with)
  • 100% Believe in fairy/will work
  • 1 Loose hair of yours
  • Symbol(necklace/bracelet)
  • You and your voice