Amulet Of Magic


Casting Instructions for ‘Amulet Of Magic’

For making Oil Of Life:
Put the hot water in a bucket. Crumble the tree bark up and put it in. Put in the seeds. Add in salt and dirt. Drop in rose petals and sprinkle sugar. Put one ice cube into the mixture. Wait a while. Now, scoop out the tree bark, seeds, rose petals and (if left) ice cube. You now have Oil Of Life.

For making the Amulet:
Take the metal circle and decorate it with your supplies. Let that dry. String the Amulet onto the chain. Pour Oil Of Life onto the Amulet and Chain. Put the Chain on. Now, if you wear this while doing a spell, it will make the spell more powerful.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Small metal circle
  • Blue and purple paint
  • Stick-on gems
  • Golden or Silver chain
  • Glitter
  • Oil Of Life (see below in spell)
  • A green, living leaf
  • Hot Water
  • Rose petals
  • Seeds
  • Dirt
  • Tree bark
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Ice cube