Afrodisiac Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Afrodisiac Love Spell’

Okay. Now that you have everything,take mussel and burn it (eatable part). Put ashes in jar and close it. now chant following:

Once these doors shut the love is sealed within, your love ________(loved person’s name) is me. By will of me, so mote it be.

Now seal the jar with candles wax and done. There you have it. Now just wait for her/him jump in your hug.

PS: If you choose to put loved person’s hair or nail or anything, you don’t have to burn that as well. Do not open the jar until you are sure that the person you cast spell upon loves you more then spell is powerfull.

The spell goes BY WILL OF ME it means YOU, not MEand it is put like that so that you choose how strong is that love. Be careful cause you dontwant her/him to be obsessed cause it is not my fault if somebody is willing to jump of the bridge for you or something similarly crazy. If you dont have strong energy manipulation skills i would advise you to undergo training like meditation chi and jing balls and other exercises.

You cast this spell on your own and I have nothing to do with consequences or karma if you fail to cast it appropriately.