Casting Instructions for ‘***ADVANCED LOVE SPELL***’

For people that don’t have an Altar, you can either create your own or you can use a small stand or table or you can also do this on the floor; Draw a pentacle on either table/floor or wherever you’re doing this. Personally, I drew a pentacle using candle wax. You can either use that (but it’s difficult to come off, so use whatever you want) You can use salt, sugar, chalk, paint, anything you like using, as long as you draw a pentacle with it. You can even carve one if it’s your altar or anything belonging to your altar. Moving forward – Add each candle on each end of the pentacle, inside it. (I added two dark pink-ish red-ish candles on the bottom left and top right of the pentacle. I added two light pink-ish candles on the top left and bottom right of the pentacle I added a dark-ish red candle on the top center of the pentacle and a purple candle in the middle of the pentacle.) If you wish, you can do exactly as it states above. Use disposable candle holders or any candle holders for your candles if you don’t want any wax getting anywhere. Add some Lavender seeds to the candles if you wish. Add your incense sticks or/and cones together ready to be lit. Write down the name of the person you want to cast the love spell on paper. Place the paper folded underneath the center candle. Write it on another paper and place it in front of the candles/pentacle. Light the candles and incense. (You need to have COMPLETE faith that this WILL WORK. Otherwise it will NOT.) Focus on the candle light and the incense. Clear your mind. Start thinking about the person you want to cast this spell on. Chant: “I call upon the Deities – Gods and Goddesses, to help me achieve eternal love and lust with the one I’m in love and lust with. I call upon the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to help me accomplish this request of mine that I want very badly. I call upon the Moon to shine on me and the one I love, so that its’ shine will blind us to be in love with each other for all eternity. I call upon the following Deities/Gods and Goddesses: Kuni, God of Love, Qetesh, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sex, Áine, Goddess of Love, Cliodhna, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Yue-Lao, God of Love that binds two people together with an invisible red string, Aphrodite, Cupid/Eros, Venus, Frigga, Hathor, Hera, Parvati, Prende, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Astghik, Goddess of Fertility and Love, Xochipilli, God of Love, beauty and Fertility, Anteros, God of Requited Love, Himeros, God of Sexual desire and Unrequited Love, Pan, God of Lust, Kama, God of Love, Rati, Goddess of Passion and Lust, Ushas, Goddess of Lust, Milda, Goddess of Love, Dogoda, Spirit of the West wind, associated with Love and Gentleness, Dzydzilelya, Goddess of Love, Sexuality, Marriage and Fertility, Ziva, Goddess of Love and Fertility, Bastet, Goddess of Felines, Love, Protection, Perfume, Beauty and Dance, Bes, God of Music, Love and Dance, Min, God of Reproduction, Love and Sexual Pleasure, Turan, Goddess of Love and Vitality, Freyja, Goddess of Love and Sex, Freyr, God of Lust, Marriage, Peace and Pleasure, Frigg, Goddess of Love and Sex, Sjöfn, Goddess associated with Love, Baron Samedi, Loa of Sex, Erzulie Freda Dahomey, Loa of Love, Gods and Goddesses, Deities of Love, Lust, Sexual Desire and Pleasure, Marriage, Fertility, Romance and Passion – I call upon you all today to help me make my relationship stronger – if a dying relationship, I want to revive it and nurture it, as I would nurture a dying flower or a tree, or another part of Mother Nature – Mother Earth. This person is very special to me and means a lot to me, I want to make our connection, our bond, our relationship stronger than it ever has been before. I want a twin-soul/soul-mate connection and relationship with the one I love. Please grant me this most desperate wish, for I will do anything in return so that I shall have my partner in life and shall keep them until my next life and even beyond that. I ask of you to make ___name____ fall deeper in love with me than they ever did in the past. I want ___name____ to feel like they could never be without me, and that they can’t live without me, and that their caring for me is as deep as a protector watching over those who are being protected. I want ____name____ to never argue with me, I want us to have a connection where we communicate and love each other forever. Make it so that our flame never ever goes out. Make it so that our spark is always lit. Like a big campfire in the forest during a full moon or new moon night. Make our love Everlasting and full of lust and passion, as well as communication, and equality. Make my partner never leave my side and never think about leaving, as we grow old together. Make my partner love me unconditionally and passionately, as well as lustfully, and eternally. It is all I ask of you, Gods and Goddesses, Deities of Love, Lust, Sexual Desire and Pleasure, Marriage, Fertility, Romance and Passion. Please grant me my wish, for I want it to be true. Please grant me my wish, for I want us to be like glue. Please grant me my wish, for I always want him/her with me. Please grant me my wish, so Mote It Be! ___name____ shall be my one and only! So Mote it be! So make it be! So Mote It Be!”