A spell to bind oneself to another


Casting Instructions for ‘A spell to bind oneself to another’

Put your left hands together, kind of like holding your hands. If you are romantically involved, twine your fingers. If you are just friends, spread your hands like a high-five. If your intention is to START a relationship, keep your fingers together. Drape the ribbon over the hands, tying a knot if possible. Say these words as if you are talking to a beloved Friend:

“May our heartstrings be tied not so that one cannot move without the other, but that we are both within arm’s length of each other.”

It is very important that you understand the severity of this Spell. Nothing can break it, not even the caster, nor death. You two will be bound forever. No power in this world or the next will change that fact. With that knowledge going forward, keep your decisions wise.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • your left hand
  • another person (Who is willing to be bound to you for eternity)
  • a ribbon that is a color you both like and associate with your relationship