A Simple Truth


Casting Instructions for ‘A Simple Truth’

First, cast your circle. Light the candle in front of you, and meditate on the light of the flame for a few minutes, clearing your mind of all thought and entering your meditative state.

Then, take the Lapis Lazuli crystal into your hand. Close your eyes and see a bright white flame with your minds eye. See the flame growing larger and larger, filling the whole circle with light. Make this light as strong as you can, and hold this image for a minute or so. Then, send this light into the crystal you’re holding. Visualise the crystal absorbing all the light inside your circle, until it glows brighter than a thousand flames.

Repeat the following incantation, loud and clear:
“May the truth I seek
Be revealed to me,
May the hidden come to light,
So mote it be.”

After that, close the circle. The Lapis Lazuli crystal is now enchanted to reveal the truth of any situation. Before you go to sleep, place the crystal under your pillow, so that the truth can be revealed to you in your dreams. If you don’t remember your dreams, then don’t worry, the truth will come to you in the form of intuition and gut feelings during the day. When you are not using the crystal, keep it wrapped in a white cloth, and dont let it be handled by anyone other than yourself.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A cleansed Lapis Lazuli crystal
  • A white or purple candle