A Incubus or Succubus Invite 2.


Casting Instructions for ‘A Incubus or Succubus Invite 2.’


  • CANDLE:use white candle or black candle (highly recommended) or red candle.
  • note: candle should be non fragrant candle.
  • INCENSE: use musk incense (highly recommended) or any other.
  • OIL: mustard oil(highly recommended) or any other oil but non fragrant. ​​​​


  • CANDLE: ​​​​​​use red candle (highly recommended) or pink candle.
  • note: ideally use candle with fragrant, however, not necessary.
  • INCENSE:use lavender (highly recommended) or any other flowers based fragrantlike rose.
  • OIL:flower basedfragrantoil recommended, however, mustard not recommended.


Roommake sure the room is warm because you will be required to remove all your clothes including underwear, room should have a bed or a place where you can lay down also ideally in a locked room for privacy.

Have your candle and incense laid out and oil nearby, sit down and start meditation and enhance your energy by gathering energy via meditation.

Once above is done start thinking about sex to enhance your inner energy with sexual energy.

Your body is now enhanced with sexual energy? once you believe you are full of sexual energy just relax and clear your mind, now whisper “O children of Lilith hear my call” repeat 9 times then stand up and rub oil all over your body whispering “O [son or daughter] (note- Incubus is male and Succubus is female so whisper son for Incubus or daughter for Succubus) of Lilith hear my call” repeatedly until you are fully covered with oil also this process should be done slowly.

After your body is covered with oil do meditation if required if not turn off the light (use light on mobile if you need to see) . Sit near the candle and say “O [son or daughter] of Lilith, I light this candle for you” then light the candle. Now Say “O [son or daughter] of Lilith, I burn this incense in for you” now start burning.

You are seated and eyes closed. Now whisper

“O Incubus son of Lilith, I wish to summon you into my life”


“O Succubus daughter of Lilith, I wish to summon you into my life” whisper 66 times

Now whisper

“I want you to visit me in my dream tonight” whisper 21 times

Put out the incense or leave it burning if you are sure it’s safe to do so, same with candle.

Lay downin bed and get comfy.

Start thinking about having sex to get you arouseddon’t release your arousaland do this for 30 minutes, however, it doesn’t have to be exactly 30 minutes. In your mind say

“I want you [Incubus or Succubus] to visit me in my dream tonight for sexual pleasure” repeatedly until you fall asleep.

Incubus or Succubus may or may not visit you, however, they will hear you. They might visit you but you are not aware or forget repeat this for several days and when they do visit you try getting their name because name is useful for part 3 of the spell.

Enjoy Blessed Be.