9 Knot Break up spell


Casting Instructions for ‘9 Knot Break up spell’

Knot of one, they’re love is done. (Tie knot)
Knot of two, their romance is through. (Tie Knot)
Knot of three, miserable she’ll be. (Tie knot)
Knot of four, their flame is no more. (Tie knot)
Knot of five, our love is alive. (Tie knot)
Knot of six, it’s me he’ll pick. (Tie Knot)
Knot of seven, Our love will be heaven. (Tie Knot)
Knot of eight, our love will be great. (Tie Knot)
Knot of nine this last one will bind. (Tie knot)

Take the cord and burn it. Scoop up the ashes and bury them in an open space, and plant the rose seeds within the ash ridden soil. Let the roses grow naturally. As the roes grow, so will your lovers, love for you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A black cord (12 inches long)
  • A cauldron or fire pit
  • Fire
  • Rose seeds